As a Role Model, Professionals offer important guidance, moral support and life lessons in an open and welcoming environment 

A Role Model  is an accomplished Professional person who aids the development career path, professional maturity, and/or personal growth in a mentee.


The organization looks at the entire career cycle for these students, providing programs for keeping them in school, for helping them transition to higher education, and finally to begin careers in science and technology. Of the whole career cycle, the most important step for young Latinas is staying in school, so the foundation is focused on helping these young women succeed academically, particularly in such critical subjects as science, technology, and mathematics. 


The Alcanzando Metas Foundation is a new, nonprofit 501(c)(3) foundation dedicated to improving the career chances of young Hispanic/Latino women.  The organization has a unique series of programs that aim to help young Hispanic women enter successful careers in science and technology fields (STEM) 

ALCANZANDO METAS FOUNDATION  700 12ST NW Suite # 700 Washington, DC 20005 PHONE 202 250 0887