The Alcanzando Metas Foundation is a Hispanic/Latino organization dedicated to furthering the needs of young Hispanic/Latino women. In performing its mission, Alcanzando Metas adheres to the values of its Hispanic heritage by: 

  • Family: works with close attention and support to family relationships. 
  • Cooperation: strives to share information and resources fairly. A
  • Adaptability: performs its mission in a diverse setting with varying needs and perspectives. 
  • Communication: holds communication as key to solving differences in understanding. 
  • Work Ethic: demonstrates the value of getting work done on time 
  • Respect: works in a diverse setting, the foundation embraces respect for all individuals.
  • Nurture: empowers individuals to succeed in today’s social and economic condition


The Alcanzando Metas Foundation aims to help young Hispanic/Latino and other minority women succeed in the 21st century. The Foundation looks at the career success of these women as a cycle which begins with academic achievements and completion of high school, progressing to admission to college and obtaining a degree, and ending with entry into professional career fields. The foundation aims to help these young women enhance their leadership, thinking, communication, and personal management skills as they prepare to become productive citizens for the global, high-tech American economy of the 21st century.


The Alcanzando Metas Foundation envisions a future filled with Hispanic/Latina women contributing to the advancement of science and technology while at the same time serving as mentors to coach the next generation of young professionals.

Overall, the Hispanic/Latino population offers a solution to America’s growing gaps in the information economy workforce. As the mainstream population is aging, the Hispanic population will be increasing. Indeed, the nation will increasingly rely on ethnic groups such as Hispanics to fill workforce gaps toward keeping America’s competitive edge. But initiatives are necessary for keeping Hispanic youth in school and strengthening their English language skills

Alcanzando Metas is committed to prepare more Hispanic girls for the 21st century workforce. Meeting this vision, though, will require greater attention to the English communication and academic preparation of girls in the middle school years. The foundation will continue to compete with students’ extracurricular work, caretaker roles at home, teen pregnancy, and gang issues. With a stronger focus on middle school years, though, the foundation will move one step closer to its vision

Who we are? 

​The Alcanzando Metas Foundation is a nonprofit 501(C)3 organization set up to foster the academic excellence of Hispanic youth. Its mission is to foster academic success in science, mathematics, and technology, with attention to English language proficiency as it impacts this progress.

The name Alcanzando Metas means reaching goals, as a name, the words refer to an active effort to reach a desired outcome. Our desired is academic success for Hispanic female youth in Washington, D.C, graduating from high school as a step toward college study and career preparation. As an organization, the name points to a non-profit organization committed to helping Hispanic youth reach this destination.